• “The group Kali and Dub was formed by the musician Hayes “Kali” Thurton in the city of Montreal more ago than 20 years. With a powerful conscious message and rates of reggae, Kali and Dub has touched to international star side great like U2 and Ziggy Marley.”
    Canada en las americas, Lenora Chapman, Radio Canada International(CBC) Fubruary 23 2007

  • "Hayes Kali Thurton, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer has been an ambassador for canadian reggae music since 1976. A positive message, a great voice and a riveting live performance is what Kali has bringing to reggae and Canadian music for nearly three decades."
    HOUR Weekly mtl. -February 2004

  • "Kali's diverse artistic tendencies take on nearly the entire reggae map with roots and rockers tracks nudged next to soul reggae."
    Brent Hagerman, Exclaim! -February 2004

  • "Hayes Kali Thurton will likely be around for along while yet."
    Hour - February 6  2004

  • "Stomp All-Stars bring the roots of ska to the youth:....This years new element was a surprise visit from Hayes Kali Thurton, of the esteemed Montreal reggae band Kali and Dub. Kali spiced up the stage and provided some expert chatting (a traditional style of rapping performed by reggae MCs) on a few old classics."
    Volume 93, Number 29 By Aaron Lakoff, The McGill Daily                               
         January 22 2004

  • "Over the last generation, few songwriters, arrangers, singers and guitarist have held the Canadian reggae flame as high as Hayes Kali Thurton."
    Festival International de Jazz de Montreal 22e edition,                                              June 2001

  • "His presence unified the band in away the concert first two all-stars were unable to do."
    Li Robbins, World Music Review The globe and Mail,                                                          August 17  1998

  • "Perhaps the countrys most innovative reggae artist, to boot."
    Nick Krewen, The Record, Kitchener, Ont

  • "The quintet shifted back and forth between reggae, dub and ska styles with impressive ease."
    Christopher Jones Now, Toronto,                                                                              November 1996

  • "His compositions blend elements of reggae, calypso, funk and jazz to create the bands unique sound."
    Spice Vol 1